Adventures in Algebra

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An adventure book, like Goosebumps. But for Algebra. It's far more engaging and exciting than the title leads on.

Title: Adventures in Algebra

Author: Norman A. Crowder & Grace C. Martin

Year: 1962

Summary:Algebra, the bane of a teenagers high school life. Why on earth do I need to know it? and how can a letter be a number? Adventures in Algebra is exactly that, an adventure! Like an R. L. Stine's Goosebumps book from the 90's, every page allows you to choose your next adventure. Algebra is one of the most influential technologies every created and has created the foundation for the world we live in today, yet, that's not what we're taught in high school. Crowder & Martin educate in an insightful, story based writing style on what would normally be one of the most boring and dry subjects to read about. Learn more about the importance of Algebra, mathematics and how it can improve your understanding of everything.

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Light blue book with a whitish green edge down the spine. Adventures in Algebra by authors, Norman A. Chowder & Grace C. Martin

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