Be who you want

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Unlocking the Science of Personality Change.

Title: Be who you want

Author: Christian Jarrett

Year: 2021

Summary:Apparently these self help books that we have been reading may have an element of scientific truth to them. The idea or the promise that you can change your personality and become who you aspire to be might have more to it than just the inspiring quotes we see from life coaches in our newsfeeds. It turns out that such a thing is possible, says psychologist Dr Christian Jarrett. Today, more than ever, we are aware and observing the power of ours and others personalities. Are we introverts, extroverts, neurotic, open-minded? Psychology has always taught that there are personality types, some advantageous, some often seen as less so, and the common perception is that we're stuck with what we're given. Be who you are argues that not only can a leopard change its spots, it can change them to rainbow stripes if it chooses, and it can do so to its own advantage. In psychological terms, although our initial personality type is moulded by a combination of genetic influences and early experiences, it is not fixed. It's malleable, voluntary even. Drawing on the latest psychological theories and methods, interviews with leading experts, as well as personal anecdote, Christian Jarrett shows us that we can shape ourselves in ways that make our lives better.

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