Born for Love: Why Empathy Is Essential-and Endangered

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Title: Born for Love: Why Empathy Is Essential-and Endangered

Author: Bruce.D.Perry

Year: 2011

Summary:Empathy is the ability to love and to share the feelings of others and from birth, it is something we all experience, knowingly or unknowingly. Perry's book examines how empathy develops, why it is essential for our development into healthy adults, and how to raise kids with empathy. The book explores how our modern times, innovation, technology and changes in education have all impacted our children's abilities to form the necessary contact required for deep, meaningful relationships which is the number one ingredient for empathy. Born for Love raises a red flag for the impending endangerment of empathy and offers readers some practical solutions for tackling the problems we face so that we create positive social change to benefit us all.

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