Brain changer

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The Good Mental Health Diet

Title: Brain changer

Author: Professor Felice Jacka

Year: 2019

Summary:A ground-breaking book that shows how we can dramatically improve our mood and mental health by improving our diets. Professor Felice Jacka has made it her life's work to prove that how you eat is how you feel. Brain Changer draws on emerging research, much of it the work of Jacka and her team, to once and for all join the dots between diet and mental health. Brain Changer lays out the fascinating science behind the theory, overcoming years of dualist thinking that separates the brain from the body. Jacka shows us in compelling detail how a poor diet not only affects our weight, our heart health and our sugar levels; a poor diet will contribute to depression, anxiety, low motivation, lack of mental acuity and general feelings of discord. A poor diet is also causative in numerous degenerative diseases of the brain, such as dementia. Jacka offers proven plan for better eating - a balanced whole-food diet made from fresh, easy-to-access ingredients, plus over 30 recipes. As well, there are simple tips for avoiding processed food, with its excess of sugar, refined carbs and poor-quality fat. Compellingly argued and engagingly written, this book provides the next generation of thinking on the importance of diet in overall good health, by a world leader in her field.

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