It's rising time

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What it really takes for the reward of financial freedom

Title: It's rising time

Author: Kim Kiyosaki

Year: 2011

Summary:This is a call to women! Kim Kiyosaki is reaching out to all of the women who want to take control of their financial futures, women who don't want to depend on anyone else for their security and well being. It is time to rise above the obstacles, rise beyond what you think you can do and rise up to your financial genius. Read Kim's and other women's real life stories about how they built businesses, invested in their future and took control of their financial success. Be enlightened, encouraged and surprised and start your journey to financial freedom.

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White background for "It's rising time" by author Kim Kiyosaki. Picture of Kim, a slim woman with short blonde hair and a big smile wearing a black shirt and pants.

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