The Happiest Refugee

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'I laughed, I cried, such an inspiring book' - David Koch, Sunrise

Title: The Happiest Refugee

Author: Anh Do

Year: 2010

Summary:Anh Do has been a beloved Australian TV personality for decades, but it hasn't all been smiles, laughs and comedy for Anh. His entire family came close to losing their lives on the sea as they escaped from war torn Vietnam on an overcrowded boat. From pirates, to hunger, dehydration and disease, their spirit was what enabled them to finally reach their destination. A new country, new opportunities and new hope, but life was still very far from the life we all know Anh Do from. In this emotional rollercoaster, follow Anh through his journey from crowded bedrooms all the way to National Stardom.

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Book cover for The Happiest Refugee by author Anh Do. The background is a sun setting over water with an old Vietnamese fishing boat floating on the water and a big picture of Anh Do smiling.

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