The motherhood complex

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The Story of Our Changing Selves.

Title: The motherhood complex

Author: Melissa Hogenboom

Year: 2021

Summary:People often say that becoming a parent is one of the best things someone can do. But we talk a lot less about how pregnancy and giving birth change the body. Science journalist Melissa Hogenboom takes on this topic in The Motherhood Complex. She describes every aspect of the experience, from the psychological effect of your changing body to how pregnancy affects the brain. She also looks at the social side of parenting, drawing on her experience as a mother of two to explore how a parent’s sense of self and relationship to the rest of the world are altered after they have a child. 'THE MOTHERHOOD COMPLEX does for mothers in particular what INVISIBLE WOMEN did for women as a whole: exposes the myriad ways in which the system is stacked against us, while celebrating the strengths and successes we achieve in spite of it all' Leah Hazard 'A welcome, refreshing and clear-eyed look at the twenty-first century expectations of motherhood' Gina Rippon Enriched with discoveries from biology, psychology and social science, THE MOTHERHOOD COMPLEX is a journey to the heart of what it means to become a mother. Melissa Hogenboom examines how the suite of changes we experience during pregnancy and motherhood influence our sense of self, both physically and from the wider world. From the way our brain changes during pregnancy and the psychological impact of our changing body, to the true cost of the motherhood workplace penalty and the intrusion of technology on family life, Hogenboom reveals how external events and society at large shape the way we see ourselves and impacts upon the choices we make. Interweaving her personal experience as a mother of two young children with the latest research, Hogenboom confronts the modern myth of maternal perfection and highlights the importance of understanding how and why we change for our physical and emotional health.

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