The science of can and can't

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A Physicist’s Journey Through the Land of Counterfactuals.

Title: The science of can and can't

Author: Chiara Marletto

Year: 2021

Summary:There is a vast class of properties, which science has so far neglected, that relate not only to what is true - the actual - but to what could be true: the counterfactual. This is the science of can and can't. Marletto believes that counterfactual properties like this could hold the key to solving some of the biggest problems in science, from the biology of life, to artificial intelligence, to climate change. A luminous guide to how the radical new science of counterfactuals can reveal the full scope of our universe A pioneer in the field, Chiara Marletto explores the extraordinary promise that this revolutionary approach holds for confronting existing technological challenges, from delivering next-generation processors to designing AI. But by contemplating the possible as well as the actual, Marletto goes deeper still, showing how counterfactuals can break down barriers to knowledge and form a more complete, abundant and rewarding picture of the universe itself.

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