The ultimate sales machine

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A book that puts it all together to help you dramatically increase your sales if you are wise enough to follow its advice.

Title: The ultimate sales machine

Author: Chet Holmes

Year: 2007

Summary:Business is driven by sales. The challenge as we all know is how to get more out of our marketing dollars and sales efforts. Chet Holmes is an award winning business owner and has collated years of sales and business advice and put it into this book. How do you double your appointment setting rate? How do you get more and more clients rolling into your business? Most people try to develop and use the hundreds or thousands of strategies and ideas that are supposed to help you build a business. In this book Chet shows the importance of focussing on the handful of essential skills that once mastered, can transform your business.

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Red book cover for The Ultimate Sales Machine. White title with a brass cog surrounding the title text. Below it says "Turbocharge your business with relentless focus on 12 key strategies.

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