Woo's Wonderful World of Maths

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This is how maths should have been taught in high school.

Title: Woo's Wonderful World of Maths

Author: Eddie Woo

Year: 2018

Summary:Mathematics has always been a subject that most of us avoid. Why? Because high school maths taught us that we had to be able to recognise crazy equations and rules and there was never a real world application to what we were learning. "Why do I need to learn algebra if I'm never going to use it?". Woo's Wonderful World of Maths flips everything we were ever taught about what mathematics is and dives into how we should have been taught how maths has an impact on every part of our lives and every part of the universe. Why are rainbows curved? Why are there still left-handed people? And how do we better understand the patterns that create the world around us? Eddie Woo uses humour, passion and an enthusiasm for educating in a way that you have never seen before in a maths classroom.

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Red book with black lines making 3D shapes. White sections with black writing. Woo's Wonderful World of Maths by author Eddie Woo. A picture of Eddie in the bottom left hand corner smiling.

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