Exercises for life, inspired by The Alchemist

Exercises for life, inspired by The Alchemist

The Alchemist and YOU

"No matter what you do, make sure you do it because it is what your heart and soul desire."

July's MY BOOK CLUB Development workshop with Positive Psychologist Michelle Falzon guided us on some key life lessons from The Alchemist. We wanted to share some developmental exercises that our team and our members took from reading this incredible book and show you how to incorporate them into your everyday lives.

Becoming Aware

Did you know that we live 95% of our lives in our subconscious? So only 5% of the time we are in a state of awareness, truly in the moment.

Your subconscious mind is the gatekeeper of your comfort zone. It is also the realm in which you can either habituate yourself to expect, and routinely seek the actions that would build and reinforce, the greatest success, happiness, wholeness or healing of your life.

What if you could reach into your subconscious mind to explore and effectively change the beliefs and habits that are stored there, for the better?

1: How do we become more aware?

Close your eyes and ask yourself the following:

What does it mean to stay true to yourself? 

What does it take to commit to your true self? 

Imagine you at your true self, what does that look like, what does that sound like, and what does that feel like?

Being in a true state of existence, in the present moment, when you are connected to your conscious awareness, only then you are connecting to YOU. 

Don't pick and choose when you apply this, ALWAYS be true to yourself. 

Sometimes you will win. Sometimes you will learn. 

Failure will always exist in ones life, but it's how you choose to embrace and fight it, and not give up on the process. The reality is that everyone fails. Learning to fail, ironically, takes practice. We do not enter this world as failure experts. 

The fear of failure has stopped many people from achieving their dreams. Start to embrace failure. See every failure as a lesson to be learnt.

The greatest lessons, come from our biggest failures. 

"It's the simplest things in life that are the most extraordinary."

2: How to embrace failure.

Close your eyes and ask yourself the following:

Do you dare to be different? 

Do you dare to be you? 

How do you define extraordinary?

If you think you are going to fail, what’s the worst that could happen?

Failure, awareness and the subconscious mind are topics that are hypothesised, debated and studied by people and scholars around the world. The Alchemist certainly created some great discussions amongst our MY BOOK CLUB members. 

We had such an incredible evening, listening and opening up together on this development workshop. 


Blog by Justin Bertuleit

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