Why reading makes us a better entrepreneur

Why reading makes us a better entrepreneur

Brain food

Regular reading is like a high-octane, cardio workout for the brain. It improves memory, awareness, cognitive ability and intelligence. It also reduces stress and makes us more emphatic – great skills if you are an aspiring business owner, leader or entrepreneur.

Sometimes it is easy to say, ‘oh I don’t have time to read’, but believe me, when you do, the results speak for themselves! When reading becomes part of our everyday habits our brains will always seek to use the knowledge we have gained.

Forming the habit

As business owners we often want, even need, to push ourselves to find more time for personal and professional development. It turns out that most of these attributes can be developed through the simple art of reading. We just need to do it. 

If reading is a habit that you really want to get into, there are so many ways to do it. Read every day for 20-30 minutes, find a quiet place to sit and relax and for a little extra support and motivation, join an awesome book club!

Turn the page

Undoubtedly, reading gives us copious amounts of raw material that paves the way for incredible success. 

Here are 5 powerful lessons we gain through the power of reading:  

1: Balance and Focus: 

As business owners we are frequently met with challenges, problems and hurdles. Reading teaches us to develop new ways of thinking and provides the tools for better decision making. The lessons we get from books are very useful when it comes to dealing with the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life. 

2: Builds people skills

Reading opens our minds and gives us the skills to look at the world through other people’s perspective. By expanding our way of thinking we become less critical and more understanding of others. A collaborative, engaged, workplace culture is more positive, proactive and profitable. 

3: Improves analytical thinking

When we read, we are constantly analysing, even if we don’t realise it. We sift through paragraphs and re-read sentences, absorbing as much information as possible. By doing so we are fine tuning our analytical and abstract reasoning skills. In business these skills are crucial when it comes to strategic decision making and risk mitigation. 

4: Better sleep

Who doesn’t want to get a few extra hours sleep? 

When we feel tired and lethargic productivity drops. Poor sleep effects our memory, mental health, social skills and emotions. So how does reading help? 

Reading before bed relaxes our minds significantly and is proven to reduce stress levels leading to improved sleeping patterns. With improved sleep we become more alert, happier and ready to take on any challenge that the day brings. 

5: Our creativity shines

Elon Musk is known to read up to 10 hours a day! His areas of passion are science-fiction, physics, philosophy and business. Is it any wonder he is a world leader in technology? 

Reading enhances our abilities to think and act in more creative ways. Our brain adapts to more easily form ideas and to think in more innovative ways. As reading also reduces stress, this allows the creative centres of our brain to better function, rather than been overridden with worries and anxieties.

Proof is in the publishing

There are about 2.2 million books published every year. It is no secret that reading is a much-loved pastime.

The relationship between reading, learning and developing is symbiotic. The most successful business owners on the planet incorporate reading into their everyday lives. Mark Zuckerberg reads one book a fortnight whilst Bill Gates reads one book per week. 

If you can start at just 20 minutes a day who knows what might happen!

Blog by Genie O'Dowd

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